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Astrological Compatibility wheel: How do you rate your compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac?

Ask everyone their Star Sign and this page will give you all the knowledge you need to decode your relationship dynamics. Discover who you are compatible with, whom you work well with and whom you clash with in our Astrology Relationship Guide.
1) Find your star sign
Click on your star sign to read more

2) Select the sign of the other person.
Click on star sign of the other person who you are attracted too to read more.
Click on each star sign and read qualities and make an initial assessment of whether or not you are attracted to those qualities. For example, if you are an Aries, and you love to take the lead, then you might recognise that the analytical processes of a Virgo are not for you.

3) Count how far apart from each other the two signs are.
4) Use the answer to find the appropriate compatibility section below.

Same sign as you - Attraction
When you meet the same star sign as yourself it is like looking in the mirror, so you can really help each other to reach your full potential. In working relationships be careful of becoming too competitive with each other. In closer relationships, you understand each other beautifully. When the communication is flowing, you can learn a great deal from each other. Regularly acknowledge what a powerful star sign you both share!

4 Signs away - Compatible
There is a genuine spark and attraction to each other. However over time this relationship is vulnerable to sibling rivalry, or one-upmanship. If you develop trust and confidence in each other's intentions, you can do great things together. Communication is easy, as you intuitively understand each other. This is a great sign for family ties and often indicates a long term friendship.

The opposite sign - Transformation
This is a relationship with your astrological opposite. You possess the complimentary energy and qualities for each other. What you have the other lacks and vice versa. When this relationship is working well it is brilliant! In the midst of challenge you can become quite separate from each other. A volatile and passionate combination. Communication and flexibility are a must, as it will keep your relationship in balance.

3 Signs away from you - Depth
Deep bonds and sometimes past life experiences can come out of these relationships. You may feel you are quite tied to this person for better or worse. This relationship challenges you to change and learn to truly interact with each other. There is a natural trust and comradery that brings you together against a common obstruction. This is a good relationship to establish a family or a business venture together.

2 Signs away - Creativity
This is a friendly partnership indeed. You know instinctively how to bring out the best in each other. You share enough of the same and enough of the different to strike a rich flow of creativity between the two of you. Business together is not only enjoyable but also very rewarding and productive. This is a very creative combination when you have a shared purpose. Make the effort to connect and stay in touch and a great relationship will not be missed.

1 and 5 Signs away - Growth
There are many hidden aspects to this relationship. A relationship like this evolves and grows richer over time through shared experiences. It is important to open up and share what is going on inside yourself with each other. It is easy to become distant and secretive if initiatives aren't taken to close the gaps that can sometimes develop. This relationship brings new people and new experiences into each other's lives.


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